Secretariat, the Greatest Racehorse Ever, established records that will never be broken.  He was a winner by huge margins.  When it comes to famous traditions over a long stretch of history, Kentucky has long been famed for winners:  growing the strongest thoroughbreds, distilling the best tasting bourbon whiskey, and for growing the most prolific hemp in America.  All three of these winning traditions go back 250 years to early Colonial America.  There are very good reasons for this.  First, the Bluegrass region is located on top of giant blue limestone bedrock.  This contributes health rendering minerals to anything you grow.  Second, it filters the iron out of the water and leaves calcium and magnesium.  The result is a "sweet tasting" water that is also fairly soft.  Third, the soils of the Bluegrass are largely Maury Silt and Maury Loam, come of the finest in the world.  Our organic certified farm is virtually pebble free and overflowing with these great soils.  Fourth, the Bluegrass gets on average 4" of rainfall each month.  Lastly, any plant grown here is more nutrient dense than generally available today.  Animals that graze from these plants are healthier and stronger.  They taste better.  So does our produce.  So, pick the Secretariat of hemp, Triple Crown Organics and enter the Winners Circle on your way to a more abundant life with our CBD.  

"Kentucky's Triple Crown is Horse Racing, Bourbon Whiskey & CBD." Craig Wrigley, Founder


Our hemp and CBD story is much wider, much higher and much deeper than meets the eye. Kentucky is uniquely located to be a premier producer of the best CBD oil in the world.  The first step in our Hemp Triple Crown is our unique SOIL.  The Living Soil of Kentucky, some of the best on earth sits on top of blue limestone bedrock.  This brings important minerals and nutrients to both plants growing from our soil and the animals which eat from it.  Further, it also acts to filter out iron from the groundwater, leaving an ultra-pure & sweet water that is rich in calcium and magnesium.  This water creates strong bones for thoroughbred horses, and more nutrient dense plants.  It is ideal for hemp.

In addition to spectacular ground water and soil is the blessing of 48" of ionized rain water.  Receiving 4" per month on average allows the production of great quality hemp without the need to field irrigate with municipal water.  This produces robust hemp.

Best CBD Oil comes from Kentucky.  Home of Triple Crown Organics.


THE 37TH PARALLEL is important to hemp.  Originating in the Kush Mountains in Afghanistan, the hemp plant evolved around the daylight hours of that location.  

Secondly, the Bluegrass sits on the 37th Parallel.  But it is the confluence of sunlight, great soil, and great water that drives superior, premium hemp and CBD oil.  That is our Triple Crown.

When you look across America, no one else has these three things like Kentucky does.  The wrong soils or inferior water (either in rainfall or groundwater) limit the quality of and power of the CBD oil.  It's just that simple.  


Since 1775, hemp has been grown in Kentucky to great success.  In fact, it was the number one cash crop for over 200 years.  The agrarian society here used it for all of its wonderful uses:  oil, clothing, rope, and more.  It was found to be a hearty, robust crop that simply grew unbelievably well here.  We now know why, as you read in the above panel.  

                                       The Family

"When you love what you do, it's not work."  Craig Wrigley, Founder

Our Regenerative Agriculture farm, Certified Organic, doesn't just grow organically.  We grow organically in living soil, which is kept healthy through rotational grazing, no-till practice, natures rain irrigation system, and an ever-improving soil microbiome which produces more nutrient dense crops, healthier livestock, and far better tasting produce and products than any other method. 

Each and every one of us has had "live more abundantly" impacts from taking CBD supplements.  We have experienced far better sleep, management of pain due to physical injuries of shoulders, rotator cuff injuries, broken pelvis', skin conditions like eczema, headaches, and more. We are all the better for it and we want to share it with out country.  Our mission is to "Live life and live it more abundantly."