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Wellness.  Happy people.  Full spectrum CBD oil.  Triple Crown Organics

An abundant life has so many more possibilities.

Wellness:  Enjoy life more with Full Spec;trum CBD products.  Triple Crown Organics

Enjoy Life More

Put those aches & pains to bed. Greater wellness can be yours with quality, premium, Full Spectrum CBD products from Triple Crown Organics. Try our Tinctures, Capsules, Gummies, and Pain Cream. Live life more abundantly.

Full spectrum CBD Tinctures.  Triple Crown Organics


CBD TINCTURES, like any oral supplement, is a "systemic". The body absorbs it and distributes it throughout. You have CB receptors throughout your body: brain & central nervous system, organs, and under your skin. Your body knows just what to do with it to achieve wellness. Simply placed under the tongue, it absorbs in 20-30 seconds. Available in:

  • Natural 40 day supply
  • Peppermint 40 day supply
  • Turmeric blend* 60 day supply

*Turmeric blend has 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil & 2500mg Turmeric. This is an excellent anti-inflammation blend. Pair it with KOMFORT+ MaxPain Cream (see Special Bundle price).

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Full spectrum CBD softgels.  Sleep support.  Triple Crown Organics.


CBD SOFTGELS are rich in over 150 cannabinoids, 200 flavonoids, and terpenes. They too are a "systemic" supplement you should take daily. Most people take them 1/2 hour before bed for a good nights rest.

Available in two custom blends:

  • Wellness Support
  • Sleep Support
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CBD Pain Cream, MaxPain Pain Relief, 3000mg CBD, Emu Oil, Triple Crown Organics


The pain creams we make are custom crafted, small batch and really powerful. Most people say they work better than anything they've ever tried. They should. 3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Emu Oil, Turmeric and a host of other natural, well known ingredients all in one cream. Step into the Winners Circle with Triple Crown Organics excellent pain creams. KOMFORT+ is available in 4oz and 2oz as a convenient travel companion. A small amount goes far.

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We are an Organic Regenerative Agriculture farm whose mission is to work with nature to help people live life more abundantly & to be an agent for a healthier ecosystem & society.

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil.  Made in USA


    We are proud to be focused on America and support all our great hard working men and women.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  Triple Crown Organics.

    Full Spectrum CBD

    It is generally important and of greater benefit when you use the full strength of the hemp flower.

  • Good Manufacturing Practice Certified.  Triple Crown Organics


    Quality matters and stems from good manufacturing protocols in every step.

  • Kentucky Proud.  Homegrown by Heroes.  Triple Crown Organics


    We are proud of our Kentucky roots and our full support of our courageous armed forces.