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Trusted CBD Products that Work

Our mission is to "help people live life and live it more abundantly." John 10:10

In the heart of Kentucky's fabled Bluegrass lies Belle Terre, our Organic Certified, Regenerative Agriculture family farm. We're all about wellness & achieving great health. We raise organic beef, wheat, and hemp. Our custom crafted, small batch products have been trusted for their quality and reputation for improving people's health. Our farm-to-table, direct to consumer model helps bring costs down and make our products more affordable (we are often 25% less than other high quality brands). We look forward to you becoming part of our growing family on the path to greater wellness. Price is what you pay...Value is what you get. <Money Back Guarantee>

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  • Premium CBD Softgels

    Don't like a tincture but still want the benefit? Try Triple Crown's CBD Softgels. Featuring 25mg per softgel, this is a two month hi-potency supply.

    CBD Softgels 
  • Triple Crown Organics full spectrum premium cbd oil wellness pain relief sleep aid anti-inflammation high quality affordable

    Premium CBD Tinctures

    Premium, Full Spectrum CBD tinctures that work really well come in three flavors: Natural, Peppermint, & Turmeric (anti-inflammation).

    Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 
  • Premium Pain Creams

    Trust Triple Crown Premium Pain creams to get the job done. Fast, deep penetration. All natural premium ingredients. #1 pain cream in America.

    Performance Pain Creams 
  • Belle Terre Farm entrance home of Triple Crown Organics

    Belle Terre Farm

    Belle Terre Farm is a Certified Organic Farm that practices Regenerative Agriculture. Emulating nature is friendly to Earth and climate. Healthy soils create healthier, better tasting plants which create healthier meat which creates healthy people. Price is what you pay - Value is what you get.

  • Small Batch-Custom Crafted

    Small Batch-Custom Crafted

    Quality comes from small farms, not big ag. Our farm-to-table, direct-to-consumer model means more money in your pocket to better handle todays high inflation problem. Triple Crown Organics offers the best quality Full Spectrum CBD oil. Hi-Quality + Fair Price = Best Value. Trust Triple Crown for the results you want.

  • Natural Products that Work

    Humans and animals evolved together with nature. Plant-based cannabinoids match our own and help to restore and maintain our health. Triple Crown only uses beautiful dried flower to make its full spectrum CBD oil. Natural ingredients known to work. Trust Triple Crown Organics natural full spectrum CBD products to work.

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