Our Story - what drives us

Learning from Nature - Working to restore our Living Soil, build a cleaner environment and renew a healthier community.

Our mission begins with Belle Terre Farm, our organic certified regenerative agriculture farm that prioritizes the health of the soil, the environment, and the community ahead of using chemicals just to produce greater yields and profits all the while destroying our soil, poisoning our water, dirtying our air, and causing all types of health problems for both man and beast.  We choose quality over quantity.   Organic farming practices produce much higher quality, nutrient dense foods and crops and much healthier people and animals eating from it.

We believe in a world where regenerative agriculture (nature's way) is the key to feeding the planet and increasing the health of all people.  Our soils have been greatly destroyed through the continued use of chemicals over the past several decades.   Restoring the health of our soils and ecosystems is paramount to the health of our planet.  By restoring the health of the soil, we can grow significantly more nutrient-dense, flavorful, and healthy food. Our commitment to organic farming ensures that our produce is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, and better for all of us.  The ancient Greek's understood this when Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine."  

We also believe that a sustainable and regenerative food system must prioritize the well-being of the community. Our farm is committed to creating fair and just working conditions for our employees, supporting local food systems, and providing access to fresh, healthy food for all members of our community.

In all aspects of our farming operations, we strive to embody the principles of regenerative agriculture as nature intended it and to demonstrate that it is possible to produce high-quality, delicious food while also promoting the health and well-being of our environment and community.

A Rich Tradition

Since 1775, hemp has been grown in Kentucky to great success. In fact, it was the number one cash crop for over 200 years. The agrarian society here used it for many purposes: oil, clothing, rope, and more. It was found to be a hearty, robust crop that simply grew unbelievably well here.  



 Our Family

"When you love what you do, it's not work." - Craig Wrigley, Founder

Our living soil contains a rich diversity of soil microorganisms which are essential for the nutritional quality of plants growing in the soil, sequestering of carbon dioxide, water retention, and climate.  The hemp we grow draws from these same advantages and is therefore stronger and richer in value and health benefits.  Many of our customers have said that our products are more potent than what they have previously tried.  We believe that our methods produce superior results.

Our mission is to help people "Live life and live it more abundantly." John 10:10

farm family

All of our animals are free-range, open pasture raised. They enjoy great lives and are very happy, and very healthy. The more alive your Living Soil is, the more nutrient rich the plant life growing from it. Animals are much healthier too because of this.  Our lovely ladies below are free range and are out in our fields every day helping build our Living Soil. 
free range chickens in a field      
Produce, crops, hemp, are all healthier because the Living Soil is better able to help plants absorb nutrients. It is this nutrient absorption that powers the tremendous flavors of organically grown anything. Just one teaspoon of soil has over 1 billion microorganisms that break down soil minerals etc. into forms plants can absorb. Soil treated with glyphosate and other harmful chemicals kills the soils natural biology. This is why organic is so important for our health.

Our mowing crew at Belle Terre Farm are these lovely ladies and gentlemen. They love their surroundings of open pasture and tasty grasses, legumes, and forbs. The diverse pasture varieties provide a large and nutrient dense diet that helps them be very healthy. Animals grown in BigAg environments tend to be less healthy and in need of much more veterinarian care and drugs. Further, additives in their food may not be best for us.
cows in the field practicing regenerative agriculture.   
Our RegenerativeAg philosophy mimics natures' way where animals freely roam, eat diverse plant growth, self-fertilize the soil, and move on to the next grazing opportunity. That is what it takes to promote Living Soil. And that is what we do here at Belle Terre Farm. Support our mission by becoming members of the Triple Crown Organics family.

Hi, my name is Craig Wrigley. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us a little as you've read this About Us page. We strive hard to create products that are meaningful to our community of customers like you. We take our mission to heart: Help people to live life more abundantly. Our full spectrum CBD Tinctures, Capsules, Gummies and Pain Creams are made with more superior ingredients than you typically find in any singular product. Many people have experienced wonderful help with insomnia, pain & inflammation, anxiety & depression, PTSD, arthritis, and many health issues common in today's world. The entourage effect that comes from the synergy of all these great ingredients working together is very significant. We hope you will trust us and give us your business as you begin a new focus on "Live life more abundantly" for yourself and your family.

May your health & happiness be ever greater,

Craig Wrigley, Founder
Triple Crown Organics
Belle Terre Farm