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CBD Dosage: How much should I take?

What's the big deal about CBD?

You’ve heard lots of people talking about how great they are sleeping, how the pain they’ve had for such a long time is finally better, and so much more that you are finally ready to give CBD a try.  But what is the best CBD dosage?  When is the best time to take it?  Can you take too much?  Are their any bad side effects?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of over 60 active ingredients found in the cannabis (hemp) plant.  There are cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more found in the hemp plant, all of which when working together have many benefits to both human and animal well-being.

There are two primary buckets that hemp falls into today:  non-marijuana and marijuana (both medical and recreational).  The marijuana side of it all has much more THC (50-100 times) than the non-marijuana side of it which has less than .3%.  This amount is considered “trace” and does not get anyone “high”.

Things CBD helps:

First, your CBD oil dosage for this discussion is NOT psychoactive.  It is, however, immensely powerful in its ability to help humans and animals:

  • Sleep better
  • Handle stress better
  • Lessen anxiety, mood, and depression
  • Reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, shaking and tremor disorders
  • Soothe pain and inflammation
  • Improve heart health
  • Lessen headaches
  • Improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • …and much more

Full Spectrum is the fullest strength CBD available, but only when it is extracted via low temperature CO2 processing techniques.  Most oil is extracted by large commercial processors who need speed and high volume to make more money.  Unfortunately, this degrades the product and lessens the beneficial impact in our bodies.  Only get the highest quality premium CBD oil available or it may not work for you.

Recommended CBD Dosage

Everyone is different:  different age, size, health wellness, health issues.  So there is no one size fits all.  Let's break it down a little bit to try to help you understand how much you may need:

  • What dosage of CBD oil is Best for Sleep - start with 25mg shortly before bedtime.  Try to keep your bedtime consistent for you bio-clock. 
  • CBD dosage for Anxiety - Stress & Anxiety effects over 75% of our population and can be mild to severe, and the amount you may need can vary quite a bit.  You will probably want a CBD dose at night before bed and one in the morning with breakfast.  
  • CBD dosage for Pain - Over 1/3 of our population suffer from pain and/or chronic pain.  The reasons are many and CBD can be a very helpful alternative to NSAID's and Opioids, both of which have serious side effects.  Your best approach is likely a CBD oil dosage at night before bedtime and another dose in the morning.  Many use CBD tinctures or softgels/capsules at night and CBD gummies in the morning or throughout the day.  Take enough to be effective.  Your ECS - What is it for - How does it help me? (endocannabinoid system) will help you deal with your pain and inflammation, not curing the cause but helping with the symptoms.

Dosage:  Start with a small dosage of CBD and increase slowly until you reach your desired effect.  Most people find that a dose of 25mg/day works very effectively.  Many take it 30 minutes before bed and find it really helps achieve faster and better sleep as well as minimizing pain etc.  It is easiest to adjust quantity via a CBD Tincture than other forms.  So having some softgels and a bottle of tincture around may be a good idea.  Even some CBD Gummies.  Shop Now at Triple Crown Organics for a full line of the right CBD supplements to help you.

References:  https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-dosage 

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