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Hemp Oil: What is it, what does it do, how can it help me

Plato said, "Wisdom begins with the definition of terms".  With that in mind, let's define some of the terms surrounding the growing hemp and CBD industry.

CBD oil extract helps many health issues like sleep, stress and anxiety, muscle and joint aches and pains and much more.aches

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is oil that is derived from the hemp plant.  The hemp plant produces oil from two sources:  1.  Hemp seeds which come from the male plant; and 2.  Hemp flowers which come from the female plant.  It is the female plant only that has opened the door for CBD products in that CBD only comes from the female plants' flowers.  These are picked at their peak, generally in October, carefully dried, and placed in extraction systems to extract the precious CBD (cannabinoid oil) and then placed in a variety of healthy products such as cbd tinctures, cbd softgels, cbd pain creams, cbd skin care, cbd gummies, and more.

Cannabinoid oil

This refers specifically to the oils derived from hemps female flower.  The male plants produces seeds, not flowers.  When seeds are squeezed to obtain their oil it is healthy for its richness of Omega 3 fatty acids. But it contains no CBD which is what our bodies ECS or endocannabinoid system needs for health and healing.

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Full spectrum

refers to CBD oil, cannabinoid oil, hemp oil, that is an expression of the entire biochemical plant.  It includes all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes the plant has to offer.  As such, it provides the most benefit to the individual.

cbd organic

In America, all industrial hemp that is grown for CBD oil must be grown organically and use no pesticides, insecticides, or other chemicals.  What you must be cautious about, however, is that there are many CBD products sold in the US which actually come from foreign countries that allow these chemicals.  Importantly, buy from well regarded, reputable CBD companies.

cbd tincture use

CBD tinctures are easy to use.  Most eyedroppers have gradient lines on them marked at .25ml, .5ml, .75ml, and 1.0ml.  It can be difficult for many people to know how much CBD to take.  A learned starting dose that works well for a broad range of people is 25mg per day.  It is best recommended to be taken at night 30 minutes before bed.  You can put it on your tongue and swallow or under the tongue for 30 seconds and let it absorb.  The taste is not bad at all, but as there are no taste buds under the tongue you may desire it there.

Here is a table to help determine usage: total cbd mg/(bottle size/dosage) 

Bottle Size Total CBD mg Dosage Dosage Dosage Dosage
 30ml 1000mg .25ml .5ml .75ml 1ml
CBD/dosage 8mg 17mg 25mg 33mg
30ml 1500mg .25ml .5ml .75ml 1ml
12.5mg 25mg 37mg 50mg

hemp oil how to use

here we will focus on CBD oil, otherwise known as CBD extract.  There are benefits to using it internally as a systemic which the body will put everywhere via the blood supply.  Likewise, it can be topically as an external aid for aches and pains right where it hurts.  All living things have an ECS, the Endo Cannabinoid System.  Our bodies actually make cannabinoids to help maintain homeostasis (good health).  But in todays world, we are bombarded with chemicals in our food, air, and water.  Our ECS can't make enough cannabinoids so we utilize the greatest cannabinoid plant on our planet which is the hemp plant.  There are more cannabinoid receptors scattered all over our bodies than any other type.  That tells you cannabinoids are vitally important.

where can i buy cbd

Because the FDA has stubbornly refused to even consider CBD for human or animal supplements despite many studies and tens of millions of positive reviews, CBD products cannot be sold online at Amazon and other normal places of business.  Find a good online ecommerce company with good reviews and Made in USA guarantees and give them a try.  There are many very good companies out there but unfortunately a plethora of bad ones.  Many of the large platforms are full of mass produced, falsely labeled, not really made in USA, products. So beware.  Tru Blue Hemp products are the real deal.  Check us out through the many reviews on our site.  Go to www.TruBlueHemp.com.

We will get your product delivered within 2-3 days almost anywhere in the country.  Easy purchasing, fully refundable returns, customer satisfaction guarantees, and more make it easy.

spectrum products

You will find products labeled as Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate and more.  The fact is you need the entire whole plant to get the full benefit.  It's what your body is looking for.  Therefore, make sure your product is FULL SPECTRUM.  It's important to note that the THC content will be less than .3% which is a low trace amount and will not make you high whatsoever.  It serves as a kind of key that opens the lock for your bodies ECS system to fully use.

tinctures vs oils

They represent the same thing so long as the "oil" comes from the female plants flower.  Otherwise, oil could mean just the pressing from the seed of the male hemp plant which has no CBD.  It is the CBD extract that brings the benefit.

full spectrum hemp extract benefits

As in the above paragraph on "spectrum benefits", full spectrum CBD extracts are fully utilized by the body and provide greater benefit than products that say "zero THC".  The small trace amount of THC in Tru Blue Hemp's CBD products is the key in the lock that opens the door for your body to get the full benefit of cannabinoid supplementation.  You will see good benefit from Full Spectrum CBD.

pure cbd oil price

The prices vary greatly from one product line to another.  For example, Tru Blue Hemp Company provides a vertically integrated approach by both raising hemp on our sustainable agriculture farm all the way through making CBD products that perform.  With no middlemen taking/making profit along the way, we are able to provide a premium product at a very reasonable price.  Most of our bottles of tincture for example are designed to last 40-60 days.  Check us out at www.TruBlueHemp.com.

what does full spectrum thc mean

This simply means that when you have full spectrum cbd oil extract, it includes a very small trace amount of thc which is a normally occurring biochemical in the female hemp flower.  It does not harm you at all and will not make you high.  

We hope that this article is of benefit and helps you to understand the basics of the CBD industry and the many potential benefits it brings to many people.

Write us or call us with any questions, anytime.


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