5 Reasons Why You Want Natural CBD Tinctures, Softgels, and Pain Cream for your Pain and Sleep Needs instead of chemical Pharmaceuticals - Triple Crown Organics

5 Reasons Why You Want Natural CBD Tinctures, Capsules, and Pain Cream for your Pain and Sleep Needs instead of chemical Pharmaceuticals

5 Reasons Why You Want Natural CBD Tinctures, Softgels, and Pain Cream for your Pain and Sleep Needs instead of chemical Pharmaceuticals - Triple Crown Organics

It used to be that natural remedies made from real plants were what doctors gave patients for health and healing.  The ancient Greeks knew that "we are what we eat".  They believed "heal thyself with plants".  All plants and creatures evolved together.  Pharmaceuticals came in the early 1900's after it was discovered that petroleum could be used to make drugs.  John D. Rockefeller used this information to create big pharma in collusion with the federal government and big banking.  To gain market share he heavily sponsored and paid for influence at the medical teaching institutions and promoted the elimination of all references to natural health remedies in favor of creating petroleum based drugs.  And while there may be some perceived benefit from some of these synthetic drugs in certain times, our bodies don't know what to do with these foreign alien elements and often other sicknesses come as a result. 

That led to the later discovery that cancers started popping up all over the place.  To control the harm to his oil companies and the huge investments they had made in medical teaching colleges and pharmaceutical companies, the American Medical Association, politicians, etc. Rockefeller created the American Cancer Society and used it as a distraction to make people think that the issue was being looked into.  In reality, it was used to suppress evidence of the harm petroleum being injected or taken into the body was causing.  Many of the major health issues effecting humanity and animals today stem from these chemicals which are not natural and which our bodies reject in the form of many illnesses that were uncommon before the petro-pharma era.  

There has been, over the last several decades, a resurgence by increasing numbers of people all over the world to "go natural" and to minimize the chemicals in the body.   This return to nature/natural is true in fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, water, and concern for air and environmental quality.  Organically grown (void of chemicals) is growing fast around the globe.

Our bodies are brilliant temples that need to be thoughtfully and prudently cared for every day.  These five components are synergistic to health and all are important to promote the best opportunity for better health and longer life:    

  1. Good sleep - CBD Tincture or Softgels are proven helpers
  2. Plenty of fresh water
  3. Fresh food with lots of vegetables and fruits (organically grown if possible)
  4. Keep our Immune System strong and healthy -CBD Tincture or Softgels help us sleep and heal better, reduce inflammation, and more to keep our immune system stronger
  5. Exercise

No.'s 2,3 and 5 are choices we make.  It's up to us.  But No. 1 & 4 are trickier ones in which we need some help.  Studies show that most people over the age of 30 experience declining sleep and immune systems.  CBD tinctures or softgels can help greatly in these areas.  Inside all living creatures lies the ECS (endocannabinoid system is a system that makes our own cannabinoids but not enough when we are having these issues).  It turns out that all living creatures have CB1 and CB2 receptors (cannabinoid receptors) all throughout our bodies.  

Therefore we supplement our own ECS with natural cannabinoids from the plant with the most of it:  HEMP.  It's not a dirty word.  In fact it has been a health staple for over 5000 years and its benefits are greatly recorded and appreciated.  This natural product is so powerful that many many people have seen there health improve to the point of eliminating the pharmaceutical drugs they've been taking.  Some of the more prominent benefits are:

  1. sleep better,
  2. reduce inflammation
  3. pain reduction,
  4. arthritis pains lessening,
  5. minimizing effects of stress & anxiety,
  6. pain from shingles,
  7. pain from poison ivy,
  8. and so much more

A really great way to experience this is with the natural knockout 1-2 punch of these custom crafted, small batch hi-performance premium CBD products designed to help you quickly and effectively:

  1. Tincture or Softgel - a consumed systemic supplement that gets absorbed and transferred throughout the body where all your CB1 and 2 receptors uptake it to heal your body throughout, and
  2. MaxPain Hi-Performance Pain Cream which is full of many wonderful natural ingredients such as 3000mg Full Spectrum Premium CBD Extract , Emu Oil, Turmeric, Arnica Montana, Boswelia Flower, Camphor, Menthol, and historically proven natural ingredients.  It is fast acting, deep penetrating, hugely effective.

CBD Tincture and CBD Pain Cream help you sleep better, heal better, reduce inflammation, and reduce aches and pains in joints and muscles.

Improve your health naturally.  Be your best with...

Triple Crown Organics

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