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Sustainable Agriculture is Good for the Climate and Humanity

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You increasingly hear about many things that are wrong with our home, planet Earth.  In a nutshell, mankind has not been a kind caretaker of something so vitally important as our one and only planet we have to live on.  Greed, power, jealousy, envy and all the bad virtues seem to rule over the well-intended who simply want to live a happy, healthy, wholesome life.  Our country started on the foundational principle of "We the People" but it quickly floundered into "We the Big Government, Big Business, and BIG BANKING".  90% of our population worldwide have suffered because of this.

Just like our Founding Fathers' knew that big was bad, and smaller, simpler was best, we too know that its maxim applies to most things.  Aristotle said "The things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."  The greed and avarice that drives the top 1% is insatiable and they have proven it in so many ways.  It must stop.  Government controls which once were in place to prevent the building of such monopolies were removed by our federal government years ago and the horrific consequences are more visible each day.  We must elect strong, conservative, patriotic citizens to get America back on track.

On a smaller level, each one of us can be a contributor to positive change.  Here on Belle Terre Farm, our practice of Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture is rebuilding our soils via the organic approach to raising crops and livestock without artificial and synthetic and soil destroying fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides.  We promote non-GMO, ancient seed varietals, and raise our own organically grown hay, pastures, heirloom corn for cattle feed, black angus beef, chickens, and more.  We are sequestering carbon into the soil like days of old and helping build our soils, clean our air, and contribute to a healthier planet and ecosystem.

Help support a better climate by supporting our efforts through your purchase of premium, organically grown CBD products.  They will both help you and through us the planet.  Support your small farmers of America.

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