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Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs: What’s the Difference?

As developments in new research and products have helped more people experience the benefits of CBD and hemp products, other creatures are also benefiting. Many people now understand that their pets may also feel better when given these products. Unfortunately, given the variety of options available, it can be quite confusing how to go about this. 

Two of the most common products for dogs are hemp oil and CBD oil. So, what’s the difference? We’ll explain what you need to know, including how they’re produced and their benefits. From here, you can better choose the best product to help your beloved pooch.

What Is the Difference?

If you’re looking into hemp and CBD products for your pet, you’ll come across a few options. Notably, you’ll see hemp, seed, and CBD oil. Unfortunately, these terms tend to confuse a lot of people.

Hemp oil is an umbrella term. It includes both CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Both of these come from the same plant, cannabis. However, they are extracted from different plant parts.

Hemp seed oil is made out of seeds of the cannabis plant, hence its name. This is done by pressing the hemp seeds and extracting the produced oil.

Meanwhile, CBD oil can be extracted from other parts, such as the leaves, stems, and primarily its flowers.


One of the biggest concerns most pet owners have about treating their pets with products made from cannabis is the potential that it will get them high. They worry that the hemp or CBD oil has enough of the material from the cannabis itself to produce a high, which would be an obvious concern for their pets. 

Luckily, there is no need for concern here. The part of the cannabis plant that creates a high is the THC within it. Neither oil contains THC in high enough levels to cause a high (< .3% maximum).

If you’re looking at the ingredients of a hemp seed oil product, you’ll usually see one major one, cannabis sativa seed oil. CBD can include other ingredients, including cannabidiol (another name for CBD), hemp oil, full-spectrum hemp, and PCR or PCR hemp extracts.  Triple Crown Organics CBD products feature full spectrum CBD oil.  Its tinctures are combined with virgin, cold pressed, organic coconut oil which is healthy and tastes good.

Certain products may also include other ingredients. These may be added to make it more effective. Or they could be flavorings that make the oil more appetizing to your pet.

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Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Hemp seed oil is a great source of protein, amino acids, and fatty acids. These substances are all essential to mammals, particularly dogs. Because hemp seed oil has a high nutritional value, it is very easy to digest.

However, being a good source of protein is essentially the only functional benefit of hemp seed oil. Cannabinoids are not found in the plant's seeds as they are in other parts. This means that hemp seed oil cannot give these other benefits.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil does provide other potential benefits. Being rich in cannabinoids allows them to activate your pet’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps regulate immune and inflammatory responses, pain control, and other bodily functions.

Because of this, CBD oil can be used for pain relief, including relief from arthritis. This can be ideal for pets of all ages, especially aging ones or those with mobility issues.

CBD oil is also used to help pets deal with anxiety and stressful situations, just like in humans. Due to its calming effect, it can help those who struggle during storms, go to the groomers, and more.

Which Is Better for Pets?

Ultimately, CBD oil tends to win out when it comes to hemp oil vs. CBD oil. It is easy to see why this is when comparing the two against each other. 

Hemp seed oil provides a great source of nutrition for pets. While this is nice, this is also where the benefits stop. 

Meanwhile, CBD oil offers more potential benefits on top of nutritional value. Your dog may feel physically and mentally better when taking CBD oil products. In the end, CBD offers more benefits and, because of this, is the clear winner here. 

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How to Choose Pet CBD Products

Choosing CBD over hemp oil isn’t the only choice pet owners need to make. Within the realm of CBD products, there are a lot of choices. Knowing how to navigate these choices is key to making the right one. 

When choosing a CBD product for your pet, you’ll be met with a few different ways to administer it. The two most common options are tinctures and pet treats. Tinctures can be a great way to get a concentrated dose to your pet and is easily delivered by simply placing it on the food at serving time. This may be ideal if you’re giving CBD occasionally or before stressful situations. CBD pet treats also provide an effective dose but do so in an appetizing manner. This makes them a great way to incorporate them into your dog’s daily diet or may be a good choice for pets who aren’t great at taking a tincture dose.  The simplicity of very healthy ingredients in tinctures makes tinctures the best delivery method.

Whichever form you choose, it’s important always to purchase CBD products from a reputable brand. Since CBD is unregulated, some companies may include potentially harmful ingredients in their products. Others may not use the dosing they claim they are. Either problem can lead to a poor experience for your pet.

All-natural ingredients are ideal when it comes to CBD products. Avoiding chemicals and other synthetic ingredients ensures your pet is only getting the best. You should also choose a full spectrum product. This allows your pet to get all of the best hemp flower benefits.

The company should also provide strong customer support. You want to know their product will be effective, and they have your back if it isn’t. Look for a money-back guarantee to be confident about your CBD pet product.

Understand the Difference between Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs

Understanding how hemp oil and CBD oil are different will help you make a better choice when choosing one for your pets. In general, CBD is more recommended for dogs. Just make sure to go with a high-quality product to keep your pet safe.

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