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CBD, CBG, CBN: Which Cannabinoid Is Right for You?

CBD vs CBN vs CBG vs many other cannabinoids is being talked about more and more.  You've most likely heard of CBD and THC because they're two immensely popular parts of the cannabinoid family. However, there is much more to explore outside of these familiar names. CBG and CBN might not be as well known to most people, but they have significant roles. And there are others too.  You can think of them as the behind-the-scenes players in the cannabinoid family.  

Cannabinoids can be very complicated, and you may not know which one is the best pick for your needs. Picking between CBN and CBG can feel like you're standing at a crossroads, and both paths give you potential health benefits and experiences. We're here to serve as a compass to help you explore both options and determine which one will work best on your wellness journey below. 

Differentiating between the Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are cannabis compounds that include CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC. The first three, unlike THC, will not get you high if you use them. Since they have no THC, you can get them virtually anywhere, but we recommend getting them from a reputable dispensary like Triple Crown Organics.  

All the products in dispensaries undergo rigorous testing by state-approved laboratories, and they usually come labeled with dosage instructions. Your body’s endocannabinoid system has receptors that absorb them when you take them, and this allows them to impact your appetite, mood, and memory. The two main cannabinoids we're going to focus on are: 

  • CBN - This option has had a massive surge in popularity due to its potential effectiveness as a sleep aid. You can commonly find it in sleep-specific oil drops or edibles, like our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture or our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. It may also help soothe chronic pain or arthritis, and you tend to get the most significant benefit when you use it regularly.  

  • CBG - While CBG continues gaining popularity, you may have slightly more trouble finding it on the market. This is because you can only find it in tiny trace amounts in cannabis. It could potentially help ease anxiety, like our CBD Capsules for Wellness, and it may help with insomnia or chronic pain. Additionally, you may hear people calling CBG the "mother of all cannabinoids" because all other cannabinoids start with this compound 

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Is CBD, CBG, or CBN Better for Anxiety?

Very few studies currently compare how these various compounds help with anxiety. However, there is small promising research that hints they may work to help ease anxiety, but most studies and research focus heavily on CBD. 


CBD is the most familiar and researched compound out of the three. Studies have indicated that it may have the potential to be an effective remedy for anxiety. For example, one study found it has a very high potential to treat several anxiety disorders.


CBG doesn’t have a lot of in-depth research or studies supporting its potential effects. An animal study suggests that CBG might have anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects when taken, but there is currently no proof of these benefits in humans.


CNB has been less studied for its potential therapeutic effects. While some anecdotal reports suggest that it may have sedative effects, there is no concrete scientific evidence to confirm this or suggest that CBN is effective for anxiety.

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Which Is Stronger, CBN or CBD?

When you’re trying to figure out which cannabinoid is stronger, you have to consider how it interacts with your body and any potential medicinal benefits it offers. For example, you most likely know that CBD has a broad range of possible benefits because it interacts well with different bodily receptors. There is also years worth of research and studies surrounding it that showcase its potential for helping manage conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, and inflammation.

On the other end of the spectrum, CBN has little research into any potential benefits. Some anecdotal evidence is floating around, and preliminary studies show it has the potential for a sedative and to help with sleep. Still, there isn't a scientific basis to fully establish these potential benefits. 

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How Triple Crown Organics’ Products Can Help

At Triple Crown Organics, we're committed to helping you explore the world of cannabinoids. Our range of premium products harnesses the potential benefits of CBD, CBN, and CBG, each offering a unique wellness journey. Whether you’re looking at the research-backed benefits of using CBD products, CBN’s potential sedative properties, or CBG’s potential, we design our tinctures, capsules, gummies, creams, and more with your needs in mind. We aim to offer customers completely transparent, pure, and high-quality products. This helps them make informed choices about their mental health and general wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As with anything, there are a few questions that people frequently ask when they’re trying to figure out which cannabinoid is best for their needs. 

1. Does CBN make you sleepy?

CBN's sedative properties may help some sleep, but this comes from personal experience, not science. Scientific research is lacking to support these claims. Preliminary studies suggest CBN may improve sleep, but more research is needed.

2. Which is stronger, CBN or CBD?

What you mean by "stronger" depends on your desired effects or benefits. Scientists have extensively studied CBD's potential to treat anxiety, inflammation, and epilepsy. CBN may be sedative, but research is limited. So, the health effects you want may determine whether CBD or CBN is "stronger."

3. Will CBG make you sleepy?

Early research has suggested CBG may offer potential benefits for conditions like inflammation and neuroprotection. Still, there is not much evidence to suggest that it'll be a powerful sedative. 

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A good quality, premium full spectrum CBD extract, especially one grown in the Kentucky Bluegrass is generally not only high in CBD but also contains CBN, CBG, and many other cannabinoids.  While testing of each cannabinoid is important and may reveal specific benefits of each, the entourage effect that comes from all of the hemp plants biome is the most helpful and healthful.  Our recommendation is simply to take a premium full spectrum CBD product and adjust the dosage to fit your specific needs.  Many people find 25mg to be a good dose but there are many who find a higher dose to be more effective.  Start with 25mg and be aware of how it impacts you and vary it from there.  Good luck!

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