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CBD for Pain Relief for Arthritis in Seniors: A Natural Solution

Think for a minute about America’s most common medical conditions. You may think about the common cold, heart disease, or back pain. But 60% of people over 50 have been diagnosed with arthritis, and nearly half of these people experience pain every day.  Pain relief for arthritis is very important, and there are some excellent natural solutions or aids.

For years, pain relief for arthritis was about taking opioids and other powerful prescriptions that brought many negative side effects including addiction. CBD for arthritis pain relief is now becoming a popular product for many older people with arthritis. Yet you should get the facts to incorporate CBD into your life and avoid side effects. Here’s your guide on CBD for arthritis in seniors.

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The Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief for Arthritis 

A 2022 study examined more than 400 people who use CBD for pain relief for arthritis and joint discomfort. 83% of patients reported an improvement in pain after taking CBD. The patients estimated that their pain fell by 44%, so much so that they stopped using other pain relievers. 66% of patients also reported improved physical function and sleep quality. 

The 2022 study included patients with different types of arthritis. A 2020 study focused specifically on rheumatoid arthritis. It found that CBD can increase calcium levels between cells and reduce the production of inflammatory markers in the joints, alleviating rheumatoid arthritis. Other studies have found that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory effects, making CBD for pain relief for arthritis effective in dealing with autoimmune diseases.

Scientists are not clear on how exactly CBD can help with arthritis. CBD can interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates your body’s pain signals and mood. It can increase hormones that help you experience less pain and more happiness. However, scientists must conduct more research to determine how CBD works and what dosage levels people should take.

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Safety Concerns

CBD is an extremely effective tool for pain relief for arthritis.  However, you should consider a few small safety concerns before using it.

Side Effects

41% of people in the 2022 arthritis study reported that they experienced at least one side effect of CBD. The three most common side effects were dry mouth, drowsiness, and increased or decreased appetite. However, 84% of reported side effects were mild and did not interfere with the pain-relieving effects of CBD.  Also, these side effects were seen only at higher dosages of greater than 200mg per day.  Most people see good benefits at 25-50mg per day.

You can treat your dry mouth and appetite changes by drinking water or eating hydrating foods like celery and lettuce. Some people use CBD as a sleep inducer, so you can take your products before bed or naps. 

There is no known cure for arthritis. CBD can significantly provide for pain relief for arthritis symptoms, diminish pain and improve joint function, but you may experience flare-ups as you age. 

Drug Interactions

CBD can interact with many common prescriptions people take for arthritis. Doctors have found that it interacts with Prozac, Zoloft, Lyrica, and more than a dozen other prescriptions. Most people don’t experience problems when they take small dosages of CBD. But large dosages can cause major issues. Talk to your doctor before you take any CBD product. 

CBD can also interact with antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and opioids. You can avoid interactions by spacing out when you take your prescriptions and CBD. Waiting a few hours to take your CBD allows your body to process the medication and flush it out of your system.  Some people have noted CBD may allow them to reduce the amount of prescription medications they consume if not eventually eliminating them and their side effects.

How to Take CBD for Pain Relief for Arthritis

You should also consider how you are going to take CBD. Firstly, you can use a cream and place it directly on where it hurts.  Secondly, you can take an internal supplement that acts to relieve pain overall and fight inflammation (tincture, softgel, gummy forms).  Or you can do both which does the best as it deals with where it hurts most plus helps to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body.  An added benefit of the internal supplement is that it will help you sleep much better.

Not all CBD products provide effective doses of cannabidiol, so the product you take should be one of high-quality full spectrum CBD oil.  Read the company's reviews to help assure you get a good product.  Then decide whether you want a tincture, a softgel, or a gummy to use in addition to the pain relief cream.   

Some products have full-spectrum CBD, which contains all compounds naturally found in hemp and cannabis. The compounds in CBD amplify each other, so full-spectrum cannabidiol is far more powerful than broad-spectrum or isolate derived cannabidiol. You should order full-spectrum products whenever possible.

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Types of CBD products for Pain Relief for Arthritis


Creams may be the most effective CBD product for seniors with arthritis. You can apply small amounts of cream to your joints, and the CBD can provide immediate relief where it hurts most.  Also, creams can help with dry or cracked skin and conditions like rashes and shingles.

Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream should contain 1,000 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD oil or more. You only need a small amount of cream to experience pain relief. Spread it over your joint and skin and massage until you don’t notice the cream anymore. Keep the area dry and clean so the CBD can penetrate into your joints. 


Tinctures are oils with CBD and other ingredients in them.  They come in small bottles with droppers; some people with arthritis place their droppers underneath their tongues, as the tongue contains blood vessels that carry CBD directly to the joints. Some people experience effects from their tinctures within 15 minutes. Some tinctures have strong flavors, so stir a few drops into water or juice. However, placed under the tongue, tinctures self-absorb in 15-20 seconds.  As their are no taste buds under the tongue, very little taste will be noticeable.

Look for products that contain CBD alongside other anti-inflammatory ingredients for arthritis. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with Turmeric combines CBD with turmeric, which has chemicals that can reduce inflammation and pain. Turmeric has a strong spicy flavor, so it can mask the bitter taste of the tincture. Half a milliliter is the recommended dose.

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Capsules or Softgels

CBD capsules are a good alternative if you don’t like the taste or texture of tinctures. They contain similar levels of CBD and helpful ingredients without any strong taste. You can take your capsules with water or food. Hard capsules can be difficult to swallow or chew, so look for softgels with gelatin or glycerin. 

Arthritis can result in sleep disturbances, so you should find CBD capsules that have sleep-inducing ingredients in them. CBD Softgels for Sleep are perfect for sleep assistance, as they contain melatonin and CBN (aka cannabinol). Melatonin is a hormone that regulates your body’s sleep-wake cycles, helping you fall asleep sooner. Cannabinol (CBN) can help you feel sleepy in time for bed. Some people respond better to CBN than melatonin, and taking both can offer stronger effects than taking one. 

Capsules take longer to work than creams because they must go through your digestive system. Be patient and do not take an additional capsule unless several hours have passed and you don’t experience any effects. If immediate pain relief is a priority for you, you should opt for creams or tinctures. 

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CBD gummies are another type of CBD product you can swallow. They are nearly identical to candy, as they contain sweeteners and natural flavors. You can find gummies that taste like berries, peppermint, watermelon, and honey. They are a suitable option if you have digestive issues or don’t like swallowing hard capsules or softgels. 

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are vegan, containing pectin instead of gelatin made from animals. Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of CBD, which can be a little high for people new to CBD. But if you experience significant pain, one gummy can provide relief for an entire day and induce quick sleep. You can also eat half a gummy and enjoy two moderate doses during your day.

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