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CBD and Tylenol: A Guide to Safe Consumption

It's a typical day, and you have a slight headache or perhaps an ache in your arm that doesn't seem to quit. You'd generally take Tylenol and wait for it to work to soothe your aches and pains. But what if you wanted something more natural? This is why a lot of people are starting to consider CBD. But can you safely mix the two, and how do you do so responsibly?

We'll highlight what Tylenol and CBD are, potential health benefits, and potential risks to consider when you mix the two. We'll also give you research to help you make informed health decisions. 

What Are Tylenol and CBD?

Tylenol, known as acetaminophen in the United States and paracetamol globally, is a widely used over-the-counter medication. This remedy helps with pain and lowers body temperature. People commonly use it for headaches, muscle aches, colds, and fevers by changing how your body feels pain and regulating temperature.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance naturally found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Despite being sourced from the same plant as marijuana, CBD does not induce the same "high." It has gained recent popularity for its many perceived health benefits, such as decreasing anxiety, alleviating pain, and enhancing sleep. CBD comes in several formats, like capsules, tinctures, topical creams, or even gummies like those at Triple Crown Organics, which are Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. 

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How CBD Interacts with Tylenol

Tylenol and CBD can interact in a few ways and are usually mild. The two most common ones are: 

CBD and Tylenol Form an Agonistic Interaction 

This is an agonistic interaction; both substances will similarly affect your body while enhancing one another's impact. CBD engages your body's endocannabinoid system, while Tylenol reduces prostaglandin production in your spinal cord and brain. In turn, they both help relieve pain. 

CBD May Affect How Your Body Processes Tylenol

Your body breaks several medications, including Tylenol and CBD, down using enzymes called CYP or cytochrome P450. If you mix Tylenol and CBD, they might compete for enzymes, which could lead to a slower breakdown process. If you keep taking Tylenol, it can build up in your bloodstream and cause problems like feeling tired, throwing up, and stomach pain.

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Can You Safely Take CBD with Tylenol?

It's relatively safe to take CBD and Tylenol in small doses simultaneously. However, you should know they can interact from mild to moderate. Long-term mixing can cause harmful effects because Tylenol can build up in your body. Taking too much Tylenol can negatively impact your liver to the point of liver failure. So, if you want to combine CBD with Tylenol, you should talk to your doctor. Be sure to hydrate with good clean water.

Ideally, you'll only take both medications as your doctor directs and never exceed the recommended dosage. Taking lower doses of Tylenol and CBD while spacing them out properly could potentially reduce any side effect occurrences. If you experience adverse side effects, contacting your doctor is a good idea. 

Can You Take Pain Pills with CBD?

CBD can potentially help with minor pain, but it might also interact with certain medications, including pain pills. This happens because CBD impacts how your body processes the medicines, which can lead to unexpected side effects or change their effectiveness. So, while you can take pain medications and CBD simultaneously, you want to talk to your doctor first. They'll be able to outline any potential issues you can experience by mixing CBD and whichever pain meds you take. 

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Medications Similar to CBD and Tylenol

Tylenol is an antipyretic and analgesic; both analgesics and CBD have similar risks for side effects and interactions. When combined with CBD, the following medications share the same risk level: 

  • Aspirin (Ascriptin, Bayer, or  Entrecote)
  • Celecoxib (Celebrex and Onsenal)
  • Etodolac (Ultradol)
  • Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)
  • Ketorolac (Toradol)
  • Meloxicam (Mobic)
  • Naproxen (Aleve)

Can You Use CBD as a Viable Alternative to Tylenol?

CBD can potentially help with chronic pain, inflammation, and certain headaches, which are big reasons many people take Tylenol. CBD won't cause huge issues for many people, but everyone reacts differently. So, while some people can switch out Tylenol for CBD, it might not work as well for you.  

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We're committed to your wellness journey and are excited to offer a natural alternative to Tylenol and other pain medications to help manage your well-being. Explore our options, and discover the difference that quality CBD can make in your daily routine.

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Understanding CBD, the potential benefits and interactions with other medicines can be confusing, and it's common to have questions. We've picked out the most frequently asked ones and answered them for you below. 

1. Can you mix CBD and Tylenol 3?

Generally, it's not dangerous to mix CBD with Tylenol 3, but it can enhance Tylenol 3's effects and cause side effects because it changes how your body processes them. 

2. What supplements should not be taken with CBD?

CBD can interact with certain supplements, especially ones that metabolize through your liver. If you take St. John’s Wort or echinacea, you want to avoid CBD. 

3. How long does CBD keep pain away?

CBD can relieve pain for a few hours but fluctuates based on how your body breaks it down. 

4. When is the best time to take CBD for pain?

The best time to take CBD when you have pain depends on the type of pain and your preferences. You may benefit from taking smaller daily doses if you have chronic pain. 

5. Can CBD lower heart rate?

CBD can have a calming effect on your body, and this could potentially reduce or lower your heart rate. 

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Dennis Moser

If you take 2 Tylenol arthritis at night is it safe to also take a cbd tincture. I read it’s not good for your liver.


You never actually said how many hours apart a person should take, for instance, 2 tylenol arthritis pills (650mg each) and cbd gummy cut in half to make it 12.5mg. I would prefer t take naproxin or ibuprofen instead of tylenol but both seem to be worse in general relating to side effects and possible damage from long-term use. So I take tylenol which doesn’t seem to work very well for me and I usually only take 2 tylenol once a day and sometimes I skip a day and I try to hold off taking it until between 8-10pm. Then I take the cbd 12.5mg half gummy around 11pm or midnight. I have been trying for months and months to find reputable information online as to how far apart to take these doses but haven’t found anyone who specifically says " take them ???? hours apart." What is a safe time separating for these doses? Also, is it worse to take naproxin or ibuprofen than tylenol as I suspect with cbd gummy later the same day? I want to take what works best but I don’t want to destroy any organs.

Terrence McQuade

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