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The Science Behind Icy Hot Pain Cream: How Does It Work?

Chronic pain is sweeping across the United States. 20.4% of American adults experienced chronic pain in 2019, with 7.4% of adults having pain that impacted their work and life activities. Pain creams help to relieve pain in these situations.  Icy Hot Pain Cream is one type of pain cream that renders the icy hot feeling via menthol and camphor.  Thousands of pain-relieving products, but some don’t work, and others have strong side effects. 

Millions of Americans use Icy Hot pain creams as quick pain relievers. Yet many people don’t ask about their active ingredients or why they work. Understand how Icy Hot works, and you can combat chronic pain for years. Here is your guide to Icy Hot How Does It Work active ingredients and potential uses. 

Note:  Triple Crown Organics Maximum Relief Icy Hot Pain Cream is an all natural, premium small batch, custom crafted pain cream with 3000mg full spectrum CBD oil and Emu Oil which is rarely found in the majority of pain creams on the market.  Along with menthol, camphor, aloe, turmeric, arnica montana and boswellia, this is a pain cream to be reckoned with.  It's why it is regarded as the number one (#1) most effective pain cream in the USA.  Get yours now at Triple Crown Organics.  

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Menthol is one of the main ingredients in all Icy Hot Pain Cream products and may be found in other pain creams as well.  It is a chemical derived from peppermint oil that makes your skin feel cool. It cannot cure the underlying cause of your pain or give you long-term relief, but it can relieve minor pain feeling for short periods, including after exercise.

In addition to Icy Hot, menthol is an active ingredient in numerous pain relief cream products, including Icy Hot Pain Creams. Many of these products use synthetic menthol derived from chemicals, not pure peppermint oil.   You can use menthol and other peppermint oil products with a peppermint CBD tincture for long-term relief. 

Methyl Salicylate

Methyl salicylate is the other active ingredient in Icy Hot. It is an organic compound made from menthol and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a hormone that many plants make, including white willow and tobacco, and it is an active ingredient in aspirin and other medicines. Combined with menthol, it can soothe joint, muscle, and skin pain. 

Methyl salicylate also creates a warming sensation when applied directly to the skin. The warming effect can distract you from your pain, relieve stiffness, and make you more mobile. 

Salicylate can create an allergic reaction. If you have an allergy to aspirin, you should talk to your doctor, as you may also have an allergy to salicylate.


Camphor is a chemical that camphor laurel and kapur trees naturally produce in their bark. The laurel and kapur trees grow in East Asia, and East Asian communities have used camphor as a traditional medicine for pain and inflammation for centuries. It is now a popular ingredient in creams and topical medications, as it can relieve itching and skin irritation in addition to joint pain. 

Camphor works by stimulating the nerve endings sensitive to temperature. If you apply it vigorously to your skin, you will feel warm, which can soothe muscle and joint pain. But if you rub it gently, you will feel cool, which can soothe skin pain and acne. 

Not all products contain camphor. Triple Crown Organics pain creams contains it.   Be sure to check them out.   

Do you have questions about all-natural pain relievers? Contact the team at Triple Crown Organics, and we’ll help you get started on the best products with camphor and other ingredients.

CBD used in Icy Hot Advanced Pain Relief Cream

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be an effective pain reliever. A 2022 meta-analysis of 12 studies found that CBD is an excellent alternative to opioids for chronic pain. You can combine CBD with menthol and other ingredients to create a stronger pain reliever with cooling and heating effects more powerful than conventional Icy Hot products. 

Full Spectrum pain creams and sport lotions from Triple Crown Organics contains hi-quality full spectrum CBD oil with camphor, menthol, organic turmeric, and several other well-known natural ingredients. These lotions are great for joint and muscle soreness, including after workouts. CBD has no significant side effects, so you can use them whenever you need it.  Triple Crown offers three different premium pain creams:

  1. Comfort Intensive Icy Hot Pain Relief Cream - 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil.  4oz jar.
  2. Maximum Relief Icy Hot Pain Relief Cream - 3000mg full spectrum CBD oil with Emu Oil, Turmeric, Arnica Montana, Boswellia Flower, Camphor, Menthol, and More (available in 4oz and 2oz jar).
  3. Sports Cream Icy Hot - 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Camphor, Menthol, and More.  Available in airless pump.  Convenient for the gym bag. 

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Icy Hot products do not cause significant side effects. Taking active ingredients by themselves can lead to issues like skin irritation or numbness, but you should not experience any problems while using creams, sprays, or sticks. 

However, you should follow the instructions for each Icy Hot product carefully. You should only use your products as the labels direct you to use them. 

Never apply Icy Hot products onto open wounds or damaged skin. The products can interfere with the healing process and cause pain and irritation, even in small amounts. Do not place any Icy Hot product underneath a bandage, though it’s okay to wear loose clothes over a spray or lotion. 

Some people try to magnify the heating or cooling effects of Icy Hot by using a heating pad or placing their skin in cold water. A heating pad can make your skin feel too hot, and water can wash the spray or cream away. You should also avoid placing any treated areas in direct sunlight, as the heat can intensify the effects of capsaicin. 

Wash your hands before using any products. Dirt, oil, and chemicals on your fingers can make your products less effective or wash creams and lotions away. You should also wash your hands after using Icy Hot, especially if you are going to insert contact lenses or eat. 

Are you looking for all-natural pain relievers you can use throughout your day? Purchase pain-relieving CBD products from Triple Crown Organics now.

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Uses for Icy Hot Pain Relief Cream

Icy Hot’s active ingredients do not penetrate deep into the body. They can affect your nerve receptors and skin cells, but they do not work on deep muscle or spinal cord pain. The effects of Icy Hot are best for aches and soreness after exercise or lifting heavy furniture. You can also use Icy Hot for bruises and muscle cramps after waking up in the morning. 

Some people with arthritis or chronic pain use Icy Hot Pain Cream as a temporary pain reliever. However, no Icy Hot product can cure these conditions or offer effective long-term relief. You must use products in conjunction with physical therapy, prescriptions, and other pain-relieving products for long-term effects. Turmeric has strong benefits for men, and you can consume turmeric tea or curries while using Icy Hot.

Note:  It has been found that supplementing your body with a high quality, full spectrum CBD Tincture, CBD Softgels, or CBD Gummies can dramatically help you reduce inflammation and take the edge off of pain overall.  In turn, this will help you sleep better.  Better sleep will promote faster, more complete healing.  We recommend that you look into these daily supplements as you begin your journey to manage your pain.

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